Arveladze brothers translator fail

Twin brothers Archil and Shota Arveladze are the two most loved foreign players in the history of Trabzonspor.

They became an integral part of “The Black Sea” storms that won the Turkish Super Cup in 94-95 as well as finishing the Superlig runners up.

A TV journalist wanted to interview Archil and Shota, ahead of the Aston Villa game in the Uefa Cup. What he didn’t know was the fact that the translator pretty much would translate the questions from Turkish to Turkish, and then translate the Arveladze brothers answers from Turkish to Turkish. The whole interview was like a staple “Black Sea joke”.

20 years later, the translator Alaatin Gayretli revealed that although the Georgian internationals had quickly adapted the Turkish language, they were feeling a bit self-conscious about their language skills and had asked Gayretli to help them communicate. So Gayretli ended up repeating Shota and Archil’s perfectly fine Turkish answers – of course he applied some enrichment to them.

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