Double team: Coulibaly and Sas

Fernand Coulibaly’s interview with Atakan Kurt included many juicy anectodes. Of those, perhaps the most outlandish one was with ex-Turkey and Galatasaray winger Hasan Sas.

Hear it from Coulibaly in his own words (Turkish)

Below is the English (contextual) translation:

Hasan Sas and I were playing with for Ankaragücü. One day he asked me “Bro, can you do me a favour? They gave me a small room.. How is the room in your hotel?

I said “Fine, it is a suite”. Hasan Sas said, “Can you leave your room for me tomorrow? I have some business to do

Of course, I am not stupid, I understood what he was up to. I told him “No problem brother, as long as you bring me one (girl) too

Sas came in the next day with 2 girls as he promised. We ordered some room service, food and beer. We kept drinking and hanging out.

After some time I checked the time, it was late. I told Hasan “I am going to start my business now” and I got into it. However, Hasan does not take off his shorts, there is no activity. So I asked him “Is everything alright?

Hasan said “Coli, I am a bit ashamed, you are too big, mine is not that big

I said to him “Don’t worry bro, not everyone is born black

The level of detail and candor, causes Atakan Kurt to burst into laughter – we now have to live with the fact that what we have just heard, we can never un-think.

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