Little Baroš’ military service

Former Galatasaray striker Milan Baros and wife Tereza Franková welcomed their son Patrick on 1 September 2009 in Istanbul. It was Baros’ second year in Istanbul.

Galatasaray’s team translator Mert Cetin and team mate Harry Kewell decided to pull a prank on the rookie father. They told Baros that as their son Patrick was born in Turkey (where serving in the army is mandatory for all men), he had to serve a compulsory military service in the Turkish army.

Baros freaked out. He was incredibly scared. Of course, seeing how scared he was, they told him the truth.

Baros family spent another 5 years in Istanbul where Milan Baros scored 48 goals in 93 games for the Lions.

No-more-little Patrick Baros is, following his fathers footsteps and scoring his own goals today for Slavia Praha U13 team.

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