Where is he now? Iasmin Latovlevici

Very few Gala fans would remember, a left back by the name of Latovlevici. This is not a surprise.

Igor Tudor, whose style was the anti-thesis of everything Galatarasay fans had seen as “football”, had signed him up. And once Tudor was gone, Latovlevici was gone.

Who could have known, the unwanted bald left-back had such an interesting life story?

Iasmin Latovljevic was born 36 years ago to Serbian parents in the Banat region of Romania. As he represented Romania at the national level, he changed his name and surname, and is known worldwide as Iasmin Latovlevici.

He had a tough upbringing. He was ridiculed by his peers as a child. They called him “a peasant”, so he set out to show them how to succeed in life.

I follow my schedule, I have a notebook where I keep my schedule and write it down all the time. I was like that from a young age, from high school because I was teased for being a peasant. I had a pretty good physique, but I was always trying to get better, looking to see what I liked in someone else. Besides, now I understand my body much better, I started to understand and listen to it. This also comes from the background of some of the books I’ve read. I have changed” he said during an interview.

It is also interesting that Latovlevici drives a car that is older than him. 

The 35-year-old footballer arrived in the ” Nicolae Dobrin ” stadium parking lot with a 40-year-old Dacia 1300.

I learned to drive in that vehicle, I also experienced accidents, but minor ones, scratches… You realize that it gives you the feeling of living in your youth. But we are still young” Latovlevici mused.

Dacia 1300 is basically a Renault 12 – made in Romania.

Guess old Devlet Bahceli is not the only fan of the dutiful Reno 12

The Romanian sports portal adds “The player, who made a fortune in Turkey, did not forget what modesty is when he returned to the country, to FC Argeș.”

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