How Fenerbahce’s Valencia escaped the police on a stretcher

Fenerbahce’s prolific striker Enner Valencia once infamously faked an injury during a World Cup qualifier match against Chile after learning the Police were ready to arrest him after his failure to pay child support.

As reported by Liverpool Echo, police officers and a lawyer attempted to arrest Valencia after Ecuador’s morning training session. However the po-pos were unable to finish the job.

Police then stopped the team’s bus on the way to the match. Valencia was not taken into custody.

Valencia reportedly owed $17,000 in unpaid child support.

The Ecuador international, then playing for Everton, released a statement explaining his side of events. Turns out, his ex Sinthyia Pinargote Chumo was preventing Valencia from seeing his daughter, despite the alimony payments.

Enner applied for full-custody of his daughter Beira, which was granted in December 2015, and the judiciary suspende all alimony monthly payments to Mrs. Sinthyia Pinargorte.

Another goal by Enner Valencia !

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