FIFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Muslera’s Uruguay

Uruguay faced Ghana in the last match of Group H in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Although Uruguay won the match 2-0, and were tied on four points with South Korea after their three Group H matches, the Asian side qualified for the round of 16 having scored more goals than the two-time World Cup winner.

Galatasaray and Uruguay’s experienced goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, went crazy at the end of the match. Known for his friendly and composed nature, Muslera lost his temper and reacted very harshly by walking towards the referees of the game. 

Muslera wasn’t the only Uruguay player who reacted harshly to the referee’s decisions at the end of the match. A furious Edinson Cavani (who couldn’t make much use of his feet) used his fists on the VAR monitor at the end of the match. 

Luis Suarez also criticized the referee’s decisions at the end of the match, “I wanted to see my children after the match. FIFA officials said to me, ‘No, we do not allow it!” said. Also, look, interesting things are happening at this World Cup. Interesting referee decisions, penalty. FIFA is always against Uruguay. I understood that we have to be strong off the field as well.”

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